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Welcome to

This is my webspace for my components and programs.

The programs and components that you will find here are eighter made in og made for Borland Delphi. The most resent version of Delphi is Delphi 2006, but some of the components I have for older versions of Delphi. The old versions of Delphi, I cannot help with, but I will try to upgrade all my components to the newest version of Delphi. Btw. most of the components that works for Delphi 6, also works for Delphi 2006. But I have not tried other components than JKFPak.

Please feel free to try out my components and programs, and contact me if you have questions or surgestions.


  • JKFPak: A small packing component made for Delphi 5 and 6. Including full source.
  • Fractal Image: A decendant of TImage for automatically painting a Fractal to the canvas. Works in designtime also, so you can create your fractal in designtime, and just ship with that if you wish.


  • CodeEd: This is a small editor for different types of code files. It has highlighters for a lot of languages, eg. C++, Pascal/Delphi, PHP, HTML, ASP and others.
  • IPLogger: A small network utility for logging activity on your network/netcard. If you run this on a computer that is connected to a Hub, you will be able to watch all activity on the network, on a switch you will only be able to watch the activity on your own netcard.

Site design.

I will try to have this site conform to the XHTML standard using CSS for all I can. For the dynamic pages, I will be using PHP and mySQL as a backend.

This pagedesign is based on a template called Pretension by krsna77 and downloaded from

This page is of cause edited with CodeEd

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