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A small packing package based on Borlands ZLib.pas. 3 classes and 1 component to make you life easier.

Package includes the following:


  • TZLibClass - a simpel class for compressing and decompressing a stream. You just create it, and then call the pack or unpack methods with the input and output streams.


  • TJkfFileList - a stringlist decentant for viewing the content of a packed stream.
  • TJkfStream - this is the powercomponent the can store a packed stream in memory. This component is the one that is doing all the "dirty" work with adding streams and deleting streams. The work is all done on 1 TMemory stream the has the packed stream in memory at all times.
  • TJkfStoredPack - the component that incapsulates TJkfStream and has the ability to store the packed stream in the DFM file. Included are property and component editors for making/saving/loading/editing packed files/streams at designtime.


  • Just the projectfile for the designtime editor to be compiled to a standalone packer.


© Copyright 2006 - Kim Friis