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This is a descendant of Delphi's TImage component, with the ability to paint fractals to it's own canvas. It comes with a Demo project where you can see how to zoom in the generated fractal.

It is just 1 component (TFractalImage) that you need to install. (Under Delphi 6 there is a package for installing the component). Sorry that I haven't gotten around to creating a new Icon for this component. (It will just show up with the TImage Icon)

I have tried this component in Kylix 1, and got it working, but unfortunatly I lost that component with the loss of my Linux partition. (This was the Delphi 5 one)


  • 1.0 Created core component and added support for MandelBrot and Julia fractals
  • 1.1 Added support for B/W Moire (Not a fractal but it looks cool)
  • 1.2 Added support for Sierpinski
  • 1.3 Added support for Other IFS fractals (only 4 point ones)(There might be something wrong with some of them, but I can't quite figure out what it is right now)
  • 1.4 Added more IFS fractals (Still only 4 point ones)(Plant seems to give some strange result???)
  • 1.5 Thanks to Marco Wobben for adding more color support. I also made the convert routine to make zooming easier.
  • 1.6 Made colors publicly accessable by defining the Color property and a ColorCount. (Resetting a color will only be shown when a (re)calculation is done.) - Created another conversion method. Called "WinToFractal", it uses the TRealPoint.
Thanks to the writers of Tips and Tricks of the Graphics gurus.


© Copyright 2006 - Kim Friis